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- massive inventory/volume keeps our cost low

- higher quality components = better value

- no middle man - you buy direct

Our Wholesale Advantage

Proudly American Made

American flag waving

Unlike a lot of cabinet dealers, our Cabinets are not made in China or Vietnam.  We build our cabinets in Fitzgerald using quality materials and solid construction methods.  We source as many American made materials as possible.  Our frame material and doors come from American mills.  Our standard high quality steel drawer slides are made in North Carolina.  Even our shelf clips are made in the USA.

We've been building cabinets for over 15 years and have produced thousands of kitchens.   Our production processes use state of the art technology from CNC produced panels to industrial grade adhesives and the very best in specialized cabinet finishes applied on an automated finish line.

When you buy from The Cabinet Warehouse you not only get an outstanding value, you get a quality American Made product from a business you can depend on.

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