What makes us Different

The internet is full of discount cabinet vendors selling imported RTA all wood cabinets.  RTA cabinets have reshaped the cabinet industry generally making a pretty good product for a lower price than can be custom built.  (We even offer them too as special order options, so we don't hate.)


We do things a little differently.  We make our in-stock cabinets right here in Fitzgerald using quality materials and (we think) superior construction methods.  We build a lot of cabinets, 100+ per week.  We simplify our inventory and processes for efficiency.  Our customer service is better than most with design help and free estimates.

The end result: a really good all wood simple cabinet

for less money.


If you want a good cabinet that is built to last and looks good, but doesn't cost a fortune, we are your cabinet maker.

We have a great staff with well over 100 years of cabinet making experience.  If you stop by our showroom, you might even meet the boss Deets.

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